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Spedia uses a variety of programs to help you earn cash.  You can receive emails, sign up for programs, surf the web, play games, complete surveys, or purchase things online to earn "ad points".  The company has appropriate privacy and anti-spamming policies, and is part of the trend of supporting charities through its program (you elect to donate part of your earnings to a charity).

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Your points allow you to claim the appropriate percentage of revenue based on the total number of ad points divided into the actual revenue available.   While revenue may fluctuate due to advertising rates and the company's growth needs, the payout is comparable to other programs.  Expect to average $0.50 to $0.60 an hour with the use of their "Spedia Bar For Windows" software.

This program is, so far, the only unlimites hours program I have seen.  That could be a major benefit for heavy internet users, but would clearly be subject to many cases of fraud.   Minimum for payout is $30 and payment is not automatic - you must elect to be paid by clicking on a button on your account info page.

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Spedia will pay you only for direct referrals.  You receive 25% of all the ad points generated by your referrals while they use the Spedia Bar.  You receive nothing if the referral is making money through the email and program sign-up activities.  The support for generating referrals is fairly generic.

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At this time I have very little info on the company.  It is based out of Berkeley, California, and claims to be the first company with this kind of service.   Since the company started in August 1999, I cannot agree with that statement.   The president of the company is Boris Panteleev.  As with all of these private companies that do not reveal much about themselves, I will be looking into them further.

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PAY STRUCTURE What, when and how you are paid. 7
REFERRALS How many allowed, how you get credit (paid), and what support is provided to obtain referrals. 5
WEB SITE How well is the site designed, ease of use, and account availability. 7
TECHNOLOGY If special software is required, how well is it designed and how reliable is it. n/a
COMPANY Reputation, backing, and experience. 6
POLICIES Privacy, anti-spamming, and member agreement. 8
RELIABILITY Likelihood to pay, to remain in business, and to provide support to members. 8
BIAS My personal overall impression. 7

*Final Rating is Total Score / # of areas reviewed. An "n/a" indicates an area not yet reviewed.

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