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This is a banner ad program.  It cycles through ads and you get payed for every 1000 ads viewed.  Unlike many other programs, you do not have to be actively surfing the web to get paid.  As long as you are online (so the ads can be fed to the software), you get paid.  This means you can play Solitaire and be making money.

The software, or PayBar, is about 1" high just like most of the other programs.  It only shows ads, unless you move your mouse over it, then a series of links are displayed.  The ads continue to rotate

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You get paid $0.60 for every 1,000 ads viewed, to maximum of 15,000 ads per month.  The payout is a little low for such programs, but it is relatively easy to get the maximum each month.  As with all of these programs, real money is made by having a large downline.

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This program supports unlimited referrals, and indirect referrals are paid to four levels.  You get $0.15 per 1,000 ads for your direct referrals, and $0.05 for your indirect referrals.

This is an active user program, meaning you only get paid for your referrals up to the amount of ads you view.  For example, if you only view 5,000 ads in a month, you get paid for 5,000 ads for your referrals even if they viewed 10,000 ads.

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This company was actually started by a 15 year old, Will Thurston.   Based out of his Sacramento, California, home, Will started out with a personal home page.  He then started offering games on his page, and eventually introduced the pay for watching ads concept to his site.  With the help of his mother, the president of a software company, Will launched his PayBar software and now has well over 20,000 members.

Even though the a child is capable of utilizing this pay bar concept, it remains to be seen if this company has the business saavy to stay afloat.  I like the idea and the ambition of this young entrepreneur, but remain skeptical about the longevity of this program.

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PAY STRUCTURE What, when and how you are paid. 7
REFERRALS How many allowed, how you get credit (paid), and what support is provided to obtain referrals. 7
WEB SITE How well is the site designed, ease of use, and account availability. 4
TECHNOLOGY If special software is required, how well is it designed and how reliable is it. 8
COMPANY Reputation, backing, and experience. 4
POLICIES Privacy, anti-spamming, and member agreement. 6
RELIABILITY Likelihood to pay, to remain in business, and to provide support to members. 6
BIAS My personal overall impression. 7

*Final Rating is Total Score / # of areas reviewed. An "n/a" indicates an area not yet reviewed.

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