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Epipo uses ad banner software, SurfWindow, that tracks your time on the internet.  The ads are geared to your preferences based on the web sites you visit.   The SurfWindow is movable and can be closed.

Please note that the cash SurfWindow is being made available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Many members report 5-7 month wait times before they actually are invited to download the software.  Epipo claims this is because they want an advertiser base sufficient to support the addition of new, paid members.

In the interim, they are making available a Contest Edition that allows you to earn prizes based in part on the time you spend surfing.

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Payment is in cash.  You are paid $0.60 an hour for every hour you surf the web, to a maximum of 50 hours per month.  Earnings are accrues in your personal account.  Once your earnings exceed $35 you can elect to receive a check.   Epipo promises to pay you within 30 days, but indicates the check should arrive much sooner.

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This program allows unlimited referrals through 5 levels.  For each hour any of your referrals surf the web you earn $0.10.  The number of hours you surf determines how many hours you are earning on your referrals.  For example, if your referrals all surf 5 hours in a month, but you only surf two hours, you can only get paid for two of the hours your referrals were online.

A warning on referrals: if one of your referrals has their membership cancelled, you not only lose them but also their entire downline.  Of course, spamming would probably be the main cause for cancellation.

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The company was founded in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs.  I have found no documentation showing the qualifications of any of these people, so experience and reliability are unknown factors here.  Some people who claim to be members say they have been with Epipo since April 1999.

The company has their address listed as being in Kirkland, Washington.

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PAY STRUCTURE What, when and how you are paid. 8
REFERRALS How many allowed, how you get credit (paid), and what support is provided to obtain referrals. 8
WEB SITE How well is the site designed, ease of use, and account availability. 7
TECHNOLOGY If special software is required, how well is it designed and how reliable is it. n/a
COMPANY Reputation, backing, and experience. 3
POLICIES Privacy, anti-spamming, and member agreement. 6
RELIABILITY Likelihood to pay, to remain in business, and to provide support to members. 7
BIAS My personal overall impression. 7

*Final Rating is Total Score / # of areas reviewed.  An "n/a" indicates an area not yet reviewed.

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