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This is a pay as you surf program.  You download software, the ViewBar, that takes up a small portion of your screen and displays ads.  If you are actively surfing the internet, a green light appears in the ViewBar to indicate you are making money.  It only works if you are actively browsing (this includes waiting for pages to load).

The ads are supposed to be targeted to the user based on web sites the user visits.  I have found this to be mostly the case, although some of the ads are clearly sent shotgun style.  The software works well, its only apparent downfall is that it does not automatically load when you start your browser.  However, you can minimize or close the program at any time (you just won't be making money while minimized or closed).

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Payments are made by check.  You earn your money on a per minute basis, up to 25 hours per month.  For each hour you surf you earn $0.50.  The money is accumulated in your account until it is more than $20.  If you have more than $20, AllAdvantage will automatically cut you a check between the 20th and last days of the month.

This program definitely pays.  The checks are drawn on a Bank of America account from a business address in Palo Alto, California.

This is an active user program, meaning you only earn as much as you put into it.   If all of your downline surfs 10 hours in a given month, but you surf only 5, you will only get paid for 5 hours worth of time for your referrals.

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This program divides your referrals into "Direct" and "Indirect".  Direct referrals are those people who sign up under your ID.   You get paid $0.10 an hour for your direct referrals' active browsing time.   Indirect referrals are your direct referrals' downline.  AllAdvantage pays you for four levels of indirect referrals at $0.05 an hour for each hour of active browsing.

The AllAdvantage web site provides some decent resources for attracting referrals, and enforces an anti-spamming policy.

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The company was founded in early 1999 in Palo Alto.  The original team of four entrepreneurs brought in a strong management team and has received funding from a number of well known companies.  Their web site indicates they have 12 offices now and more than 3.5 million members.  They currently have 965 advertisers and plan to continue to expand this list.

This company is well-designed and its practices are well thought out.

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PAY STRUCTURE What, when and how you are paid. 9
REFERRALS How many allowed, how you get credit (paid), and what support is provided to obtain referrals. 9
WEB SITE How well is the site designed, ease of use, and account availability. 8
TECHNOLOGY If special software is required, how well is it designed and how reliable is it. 8
COMPANY Reputation, backing, and experience. 9
POLICIES Privacy, anti-spamming, and member agreement. 10
RELIABILITY Likelihood to pay, to remain in business, and to provide support to members. 8
BIAS My personal overall impression. 10

*Final Rating is Total Score / # of areas reviewed. An "n/a" indicates an area not yet reviewed.

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